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This is a selection from the 1000 or so articles ghost written by me for The Daily Om.

(As of April 2023, only bold links  go directly to the article.  Others direct to the new DailyOm website. An askterisk * indicates a pdf.)

Symbolism, Stories & Metaphor


Power of the Circle

The Eternal Ring


Surrender Box

A Place for Worries


The Sun is Always Shining

Even if you can't see it


Repeating Patterns Of Meaning

An Alphabet Of Enlightenment


Shining Through the Clouds


Year of the Dog

Guidance for the Chinese New Year


Whale Medicine

Native American Symbolism


Promise Of Prosperity
Chinese Year Of The Rat


Squirrel Medicine

Affirming an Abundant Future


Hawk Medicine

The Power of Perspective



Inner Child Meditation
Treasures from Our Past


Journey of the Senses
Incense Meditation


Head in the Clouds
Cloud Meditation


A Lifelong Gift
Family Meditation


Mapping The Inner Journey
Journaling As Meditation


Accessing the World Within
Guided Meditation


Avoiding Your True Power
Afraid To Meditate


Self-Body Scan

Listening to Our Bodies
Illness Lessons


Tied in Knots
The Journey of Release


Intuition Made Visible
Pendulum Motion


Transitioning through Life's Phases
Midlife Crisis


Inner Spring Cleaning
Detoxing Your Body


Ceremonies & Holidays

Built Upon the Past
Family Holidays


Creating Connections While Apart
Family Ceremonies


 The Gift of Sincerity
Holiday Obligations

Daily Om 1.jpg

Power of Thoughts & Goal Setting

Listing Magnificence
Five Things I Like About Myself*


Thoughts of Concern
When Worry Becomes A Prayer


Asking For What You Want
Co-creating With The Universe


What You Think Is What you Get
The Law Of Attraction


Being Clear About Desires
Getting What We Want


Making It Happen
Go for It


Freeing Our Inner Desires
Using Our Outside Voice


Travel & World Cultures

Natural Detoxification


The Energy of Water

Gathering for Truth


Yogis of Tibet

Applying Their Principles

Awareness & the Power of Choice

Being Aware
Stepping into Consciousness


Going Deep
Self-Examination at Depth


Choosing a New Response
Common Fears


Seeing Beyond the Unknown
Fear of Losing What We Have


In The Thick of It
Working From Center


Making Our Best Decisions


Living the Ideal


Starting New
A Moment of Choice


Anticipating The Good
Anxiety About Change


The Weight Of The Past


Opening A Closed Connection
Consciously Reconnecting


Without A Net
Living Life With Trust


Living The Ideal


Stepping Back From Anger


Opening to Understanding
Willingness To Feel


Small Steps To Big Change
Making Big Change Easier

Environment & Nature

Circadian Rhythm
Life's Universal Timing


Conscious Harvest
Growing Your Own Food


Change of Season
Shifting with Nature


Gems For Dreamers


Stoking The Inner Fire
Turning Inward During Winter


Gem of Light

Promise Of Prosperity
Chinese Year Of The Rat


Unfolding to Others
The Journey Of Finding A Relationship


Entering into Partnership
The Power of Union


People That Support Us
The Power Behind Us


Repression Expression
Passive Aggressive Behavior


Acting Together


Gifts We Give Ourselves


Back in Play
Reconnecting with Friends


Sharing Space and Energy
Cohabitating Positively


Sharing Peace
Strangers in our Sanctuary


Receiving with Grace
Accepting Compliments


Appreciating Suggestions
Other People's Agendas


Lessons Of Reflection


Sharing Grief
Opening To Receive Comfort



Modern Culture

Consuming To Heal
Filling Imaginary Voids


Technology As Distraction
Choosing True Connection

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