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About Malayna

Her mission statement: 
"I use my voice~written, spoken or sung~to share my worldview, informing and inspiring  joy, abundance and a life well-lived."

Muse, Guide, Cheerleader —she inspires using symbolism, stories and metaphor—encouraging people to explore their world inside and out.




Malayna Dawn was born and raised in Los Angeles on the outskirts of Hollywood.  Her entrepreneurial Sri Lankan father and creative American mother instilled a passion for fusing the best from East and West in all that she does.

As a child, her make-up artist grandmother invited a friend to her school play, which launched her into a professional children's singing group - recording and performing live with, and for, celebrities. Though she earned a music scholarship for college, she became fascinated with the study of the entertainment industry and graduated with a degree in Communications.

Working behind-the-scenes in advertising, print, radio, TV & film, whether assisting, singing, announcing or writing, gave her further insight into conveying the meaning of a message and telling a good story well.

After moving to Sri Lanka in 2000, she fused East & West even more, bringing her surreal life & work experience to all of her projects, which were as widely varied as her interests!


Now back in Los Angeles since 2012, she works as a Communications and Digital Media Consultant for clients and partners, and follows wherever inspiration leads her!

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