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As a positive communications professional, I focus on media that connects and transforms. Specializing in Unity, New Thought, Interfaith and Intercultural organizations, I can plan and design your next campaign and help you execute it.

Web Design and Social Media Promotion:  I can design and manage your website, set up your social media accounts, and create your email newsletters. I create content to fit your organization's style and voice, and connect all the dots.   I can work with existing graphics and the copy or work with you to design a look and feel to give your company, project or campaign a professional look that connects with your intended audience.                                  Services start at $150

Printed Promotional Materials:  I know how to utilize layout and design to convert all the info in your website to printed materials for more traditional communications.  Whether you want brochures, postcards, programs, newsletters or banners or stickers for a convention booth, I've got you covered.  I can also help you with letterhead and the best way to manage your snail-mailing list.

                                                                                                       Services start at $150

Video Production: I've been involved in just about every aspect of video production, from writing the scripts to choosing shots to directing the voice over to selecting the right music to bring it all together.  I'm partnered with professionals who can help you create promotional, industrial, or music videos. I can also consult on how to best capture a live event to be shared later, online.                                                                                         Services start at $500

Promotions and Connections: I'd love to help promote your work by using any of my skills or experience to help you. Maybe by writing articles or helping put together a live event, creating a slideshow or connecting you to a friend of mine who might be a good fit.  Let's talk about what you need and create a plan to roll it out!     

Contact me to quote your next project!

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